Northwest (281)501-2303

10303 NW Freeway suite 350 (East bound side) Houston, TX 77092 (between Dacama and Mangum )


Drivers Education fer Teens, Adult Private Lessons, Adult Permit Class and Adult 6 Hour Class.


Drivers Education (TEENS)32 Hours Classroom and 14 Hours in-car

Drivers Education Curriculum

Call for Summer Dates and special

4 week classes are Mon thru Thur 3 week classes are Mon thru Fri and last day on Saturday.

Cost: Special, Cash or Money Order $329.00

Adult Private Lessons:

Must have a Learner's permit.

Cost: 2 Hours $89 / 10 mile radius We will pick you up for FREE

Instruction Permit Class: DPS 6-Hour class

6 Hour permit class: 18 & UP

Cost: $99.00
Early sign-up: $60.00 SPECIAL (No Checks) Cash or Money Order

Class Dates: Saturday - 9 AM to 3:00 PM
Call to Pre-register